Spotlight: Autumn

For fun (and perhaps to save time 😉 ) we decided to say one word to describe something we love about Autumn.

Jacob:  Enthusiastic.

Josh:  Humorous.

Autumn:  I was just about to say, “Can I say one? and I would say funny!”

Andrew:  Love.

Autumn:  You mean loving.

Katey:  Because she reads me bedtime stories. (someone didn’t get the memo… 😉 )

Caleb:  Super-Reader!

Caleb:  I love you… and all of us.  (said as his hand sweeps the room)

Daddy:  What’s your word Caleb?

Caleb:  Um, picking my nose.

{laughter all around}

Katey:  Boogie-oogey-oogey.

Brendan:  Silly.

Mommy:  Effervescent.

Josh:  Supercalifragalisticexpeladocious.

Daddy:  Full-throttle.  Full-bore.  I’m going to have to look up synonyms or something.

We love our Autumn.  She does live life fully.  She loves playing with friends and is a sweetheart to her little sister.  They make cards and watch movies (latest right now is Bo on the Go) and just have so much fun together.  So thankful Autumn is part of our family.

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  1. Love ya Autumn!

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