Brendan received his part last night:

{Doot doot doo} – that’s a trumpet fanfare.  And a trumpet is so appropriate because…

Brendan will be portraying Angel Moroni’s Night Visit and when Joseph Smith sees the Golden Plates – alternating nights.

I found out a little more about the process of casting.  I visit teach one of the assistant directors and during our visit she explained how it works.  After the call backs on Wednesday the directors all discuss the parts with each other.  Many people try out for multiple parts and so coordination is needed.  Prayer is involved.  The directors all go to a Saturday morning session at the temple and then meet that evening to discuss again.  She said the process is really neat to watch – as the puzzle pieces just start falling into place and everything works out.  Just one of the miracles that take place with the Mormon Miracle Pageant.

We’re all excited for Brendan.  Practices start tomorrow.

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  1. Congratulations to Brendan & to all of you! We love the ‘Miracle’ you all are to us in our family!

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