Tonight was the night for auditions for the Mormon Miracle Pageant.  Our family doesn’t audition.  We are doing group scenes so signing up was all that was needed – well, except for Meri.  She is going to be one of the babies in the scene when Christ comes to America.  She was cast last year when she was in my belly.  Works good that way.  😉

Brendan, however, is trying out for some big parts.  He auditioned for Samuel the Lamanite and young Joseph Smith.

While Brendan was waiting his turn to try out for young Joseph he watched the one auditioning in front of him while Jim Bob gave pointers.  At one point the recording talks about how Joseph looks around and is uncertain.

Jim Bob leaned over and said “At that point, just look around like you’re nervous.”

Brendan’s response?  “Well, that ought to be easy.” With a big old smile.

Jim Bob said he did so good though.  Confident and sure.

Call back time for Brendan is tomorrow at 3:10 pm.  This time it will be in front of the director.

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  1. Just popping on over from J*S forums. I wanted to tell you … absolutely ADORABLE blog header. How creative!!

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