Get Caught!

May is Get Caught Reading month.  There is “a nationwide campaign to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read”.  There are lots of celebrity posters on the site – from Abraham Lincoln, Alicia Keys and Donald Duck to Yoda and Jeff Gordon.  Celebrities of all sorts, even Santa.

Usborne is getting in on the fun.  They are having a Get Caught Reading! photo contest.  The top 5 photos (after a public vote) will be used as official Usborne Timeline Cover photos on Facebook (eh…) – and the top one will get a $100 Usborne gift certificate (now we’re talking… 😉 ).  Love their books.

These are a few of the photos I’ve captured so far:

(Late at night + sleepy boy = stealing Jim Bob’s phone for the camera abilities;  not great shots, but such a sweetheart.)

Caleb always has a stack of books in his bed.  I don’t mind, within a short time it usually leads to this:

Even with a favorite book.  He especially loves the “trick page”.  Stunts on bikes – and I learned that some cyclists race on ice.  Crazy.  All fascinating to a two-year-old.  Or a thirty-two-year-old for that matter.

Like the getting caught guidelines say – it would be wonderful to have photos of myself getting caught reading too.  I’ll just have to read a little more and leave the camera around.  We’ll see what happens.  😉  Join in the fun!

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