Spotlight: Jacob

Joshua:  What I like about Jacob is that he’s always there to give me Harry Potter trivia.  It’s helpful when I’m frustrated.

Autumn:  He’s always willing to help and he’s really good at babysitting.

Katey Belle:  Jacob watches me while you guys are gone.  He puts me to bed and gives me milk.  That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got.

Caleb:  Milk.  Me too!  And watch a movie, mama.  We watch a movie.  And turn off the light when we go to bed.  I think I love Jacob.

Mommy:  Jacob is a fast learner.  He is growing up so fast and gets more capable by the day.  He learned how to cook bacon on a camp-out last month and cooked some up for dinner tonight.  He rocked it.  It was the best bacon I have ever had.

Andrew:  Jacob is a cook.  He cooked the best bacon in my life.  He’s a cook like Mommy and Tana (our neighbor that caters weddings and sends over leftovers – we love her.)

Meri:  Burp  *umph* uuuhh  (she’s got gas, sweet thing)

Daddy:  I like Jacob’s sense of humor.  It’s on the dry side.

Jacob:  What does that mean?

Joshua:  It means you don’t have very much of a sense of humor.  Otherwise it would be juicy.

Daddy:  No.  It’s a little bit dry and a little bit sarcastic and a lot funny.  You have to think for just a second and then *heh heh* I get it.  That’s funny.

Jacob:  Does that mean I’m slow witted?

Daddy:  No – it means you’re quick witted.  And you’re not one to laugh loudly at your own jokes.

We love Jacob.  He’s a sweetheart and fun lovin’.  He’s always willing to help and is always asking what I need.  He is loved lots by his siblings and a voracious reader.  Crazy voracious.


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  1. I love Katey’s, “that’s all I’ve got.” Awesome!

  2. Ruth Hansen says:

    Thanks for sharing the whole conversation…makes me feel like I was almost there. : ) I especially love the part about the definition of dry sense of humor. lol.

  3. Anyone who can make such great bacon is a winner in my book! Also, juicy is a great word.

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