Spotlight: Mommy

Joshua:  What I love about you is that you gave birth to all of us kids.  Except for daddy.

Autumn:  I like you because you take care of the house and cook our food.

Andrew:  I love you because you always take care of Meri Jane.

Jacob:  I love you because of everything you do for us.

Katey:  I love you because you read me stories.  And we walk on the road around the block.

Caleb:  I not know.  I love you, uh… yes, good!

Daddy:  Let me count the ways…  shhh, everyone.

Caleb:  Because I love Dad.  I love you.

Daddy:  This is going to be epic.  “stop doing that Caleb – you’re going to get hurt.”  This is a one-at-a-time kind of thing.  Are you typing everything I say??  Good thing I’m an administrator on this blog – I can zappity zap anything I want.

Recorded Book:  I love you more than words could ever say.

Daddy:  Becky, I love you more than words could every say.  Kids, quick, turn the page.  *wink*

Okay, I like you because whenever I’m feeling rough you pick up the slack.

Joshua:  You slap Daddy?

Daddy:  No, slack… I said slack.

You somehow have super-human get up and go when I’m not feeling good.  I love that you’re super compassionate when one of the children is feeling rough.  This is not coming out in a very epic way, but I feel epic love for you in my heart.

That’s just one way… and we’ll continue this conversation after everyone is in bed. *’nother wink*

{waiting for the zappity zap…}

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