Top 3 reasons…

to visit the 1940 census blog:

(well, according to me.  😉 )

3.  History and info about 1940 time period

There is so very much about the history of this time on the blog. You can read about the famous people or culture of the 1940s.  My personal favorite is the News and Events section.

2.  Contests

Weekly contests happen over on the blog – rewards for a rewarding work.  Beauty.  This week it’s all about indexing and perhaps winning an iPad.

1.  Up-to-date news on the 1940 indexing project

This was posted on the blog 2 days ago:

Here’s what’s been accomplished so far just in the first week:

  • More than 113,000 volunteers are working to index and arbitrate
  • More than 12.3 million names have been indexed.
  • More than 5.3 million names have been arbitrated.
  • 22 states have been posted for indexing.
  • 4 states are 75% or more complete
  • 1 state (Delaware) has been completely indexed and is ready for posting.

Isn’t that exciting?  Head over to the blog to stay in touch with the action as state by state is indexed.  (There are even videos to show how to help index.)  Feel free to visit, subscribe to the RSS feed, make comments, as well as share the site through your online networks – it’s all good!

Special bonus you won’t see on the 1940 census blog:

My mom as Rosie the Riveter.

{photo by Donna Teeples}

See the resemblance?

If you want to see another Rosie in the family, head over to my sister Anna’s blog – it must be in the blood.  😉

{As part of ambassador program this blog post enters me into a drawing for an iPad.}

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  1. Ladonna Gedeborg says:

    Becky – Fun post! Thanks for sharing. I showed your site to Sister Teeples and she said “Wow – we’re famous!” Thanks for including her name. 🙂

    • Famous indeed! I’m so glad Sister Teeples got that photo – it’s a fun one!! Please thank her for me. How fun that you got to index Idaho! I saw it was available and it’s on my to-do list. 🙂

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