Spotlight: Daddy

It’s not everyday that it just happens to be your turn to be spotlit on your birthday.  🙂

Mommy:  Daddy is very good at taking care of babies.  He knows how to love Meri so well.  He can feed her, change her diapers, dance with and cuddle her – he knows and does it all.

Caleb:  Daddy reads scriptures.

Mommy:  And you love that?

Caleb:  Yeah, uh-huh.  I wanna say it again.

Daddy:  Go ahead.

Caleb:  Reeeead scriptures!  I wanna do it again.  DO scriptures.

Joshua:  What I love about Dad is that he is so kind and willing to help.

Jacob:  He just took mine!  (wha? again??)

Autumn:  I like Daddy because of his cute shirts. (She digs his Sudo and Ruby shirts.)

Jacob:  Because he’s happy to help show me some of the things we both like to do like Ruby programming and indexing.  He’s also able to pass on his knowledge and he gives me so much information.

Katey:  I like him because he likes to go to the store with me and get milk.  And go to Grandma’s for Easter.

Drewby:   I like Daddy because he’s always caring.

Autumn:  I like Daddy because he is nice to me and he helps me a lot.

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