Spotlight: Meri Jane

Daddy:  I love Meri Jane’s absolutely contagious smiles, her adorable talking and her adoring eyes.

Joshua:  Dad, you took mine.

Caleb:  I like Meri Jane. (all musical-like)

Andrew:  I like Meri Jane because she was loving me tonight.  She was like this:  *big happy open mouth and blink eyes*.  Then she opened her mouth a couple times and then closed it and then a like a couple seconds later she opened and closed it again.

Autumn:  She is sooo cute and drools.  Yeah.  I don’t know why it’s so cute.

Joshua:  She took mine…  again!

Jacob:  I love Meri’s playful, happy attitude.  And the sense of wonder that she has.

Joshua:  Meri has cute pajamas.  And also I like Meri’s little purple binky.

Caleb:  Some monkeys!  Some monkeys on Meri!!  Monkeys on her jammies.

Mommy:  Meri has charmed us all… and continues to do so.  She coos so sweetly and has a sweet, loving disposition.  She kicks her legs when she’s excited and moves her arms in circles – it’s really cute.

(Katey is napping.  She would say “Meri is so cute.  She is the perfect sister for me.”  Better than any doll.)

Katey (just came out to join us for FHE):  Meri always tells me cute little jokes.

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  1. I love that you do this. We should really follow the leader. Really.

    • Feel free! 🙂 In my family growing up we always did “focus” as part of family home evening. Each person had a turn and we told what we loved about them. Somehow it evolved into “spotlight” for our family. I used to write down the lists of what was said and then dreamed of writing long posts filled with photos and special details. For now, simple will do. Having something down is better than papers floating around waiting. 😉

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