Dreamy Me

I had a dream this afternoon.

There was an academic competition at the high school I went to growing up. I was high school age again and all about competing. Right before the competition I was gathering up my children to come watch. The last one was on the roof of the school. As I was up there I noticed a young man in peril. There was a super-sonic jet about to take off to carry him and his broken camera to a repair shop. I helped him get on the platform when the whole surrounding area was taken up into the jet – me included.

The ride to the shop was crazy fast… and fun. Just a quick stop there to drop off the camera and the young man – the rest of us didn’t even get out. The ride back was even more fast. At one point the pilot told us to raise our hands to the ceiling. He dove down and landed on the school roof. It was exhilarating.

I hopped out of that machine and ran down to the gym for the competition. I got there just in time to run up to the microphone, wait for the last person before me to introduce himself and then take my turn. I said, with all sorts of confidence, “My name is Becky Pipes. I am from Shoshone High School and we are here to win. Bring it!”

Then I woke up.

I would love an interpretation of my dream. For now I know two things:

1. My identity of here and now is pretty strong. My age reverted, but I was still married with children. Groovy.

2. I would definitely ride in a super-sonic jet if my camera needed to be fixed.

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