*Extra* *Extra* photos and prizes

Ready for the 1940 census release in only…  11 days?!?

My brother-in-law and his wife showed up at Meri’s baby blessing dressed to the nines.  Couldn’t resist getting some shots of this beautiful couple.


We decided… the hats make it!  🙂

The 1940 census blog is having an indexing practice contest.  The prizes are (2) $50 Visa gift cards and one $100 Visa gift card – to be given to three random qualifying people that enter.  You could definitely buy a dapper hat with a card like that.  Here’s the info copied straight across (so I don’t mess up any details).  :):

First, visit the Games and Prizes page of the 1940 Blog to register for all project contests.  Then, follow the additional steps below to qualify for this week’s prizes!

Gear Up To Index Game (March 19-30)

  • To qualify for this week’s drawing, you must download the indexing software.
  • Complete a 1940 U.S. Census simulation batch  before 11:59pm MT March 30, 2012.
  • To complete a practice batch, launch the indexing application from your desktop and log in. Click “Download Batch” and look for *SIMULATION* 1940 U.S. Census.

That’s it! If you have already completed a 1940 simulation batch in the last 60 days you already qualify. All you have to do is opt in using the form on the Games and Prizes page and you are eligible to win this week’s prize.

The full post can be read here:  Weekly Contest:  March 19 and more information about indexing can be found here on the 1940 census website.  Come get signed up as an indexer and join in the excitement.

{As part of the1940census.com ambassador program this blog post enters me into a drawing for an Amazon Kindle Fire.}

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  1. Thanks for your awesome article – cute couple!!! – I did my batch of “1940 Indexing practice!” Prize or no Prize – it is just fun to index! Thanks!

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