Spotlight: Caleb

Daddy:  Caleb, I love you because you are such a good talker.  You talk really, really good and say cute things.  You are fun to listen to.

Who wants to go next?  Caleb:  ME!!!

Andrew:  I like Caleb because he is so cute.

Caleb:  I kiss Jacob.  I want to kiss you.

Joshua:  He is so creative with drawing.  I remember once coming home and seeing one of Caleb’s paintings.  It had a line of green and a squiggle of yellow and a blotch of blue – it was so creative.

Jacob:  I love Caleb because he is so playful.

Caleb:  I burped!  (I think he likes being the center of attention.)

Katey:  I love him because he is always drawing and playing with me and Andrew.  That’s all I love about him.

Caleb:  Everyone loves me.  It’s good.  And Autumn.

Autumn:  Caleb is so cute and has sparkly eyes.

Caleb:  I have eyes.  I have two eyes.  Katey has two eyes.  And Duke!  Duke has eyes.

Mommy:  Caleb is so sweet and a good explorer.  He loves Meri and calls her “Meri Jane”.  He even corrects people when they don’t.  He is also very good at giving high fives (Big Fives he calls them and they have to be dead on or they must be done again) and knuckles and booms.

Meri:  Uh, Uh, Uh  (fuss, fuss – “my tummy doesn’t feel right”)  *yawn* (“I’m tired.”)

Caleb:  I’m awake!  I not go to sleep.


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