March Forth…

I’ve been crushing on this site:  Purdue Avenue

What’s not to love about a site that features crafty goodness, photography tips and inspiration about life?  As promised, it is a site that leads to all things fabulous.  See?


{Click on any of the photos to go straight to that project.}

The tutorials are thorough – complete with pictures and ooze creativity.  I would not mind taking up permanent residence on Purdue Avenue.

One of the contributors is my very good friend Mandi.  I *adore* her.  She posts sweet and fun weekly layouts of her family.  Weekly!  She also makes adorable stuff like this:

and this:

And inspiring things like these:

Cards can be downloaded here.

Mandi does all the research and lets you know the best products and process.  Even those photos turn out cute.


Mandi made my blog header – I’m so blessed.  Have you noticed that my puddle splashes change each time you visit… or refresh?  Try it out.  🙂  Love!  And she sent me the cutest package when Meri was born.  Mandi found things I had pinned on Pinterest and made them for me.  All in my color I chose for last year.  Who does that?  Mandi.  She’s amazing.

I love her idea of setting goals on March 4th.  I always need a refresher by then.

Here is my first week in March goal:

My comments on the blog:  “I have spent a full day contemplating. Then I realized there is more than one week in March and that took some of the pressure off. 🙂 So I decided. This week I will not let my perfectionism keep me from starting. Yes, there are things that I put off doing because I know they won’t be perfect in the near future. I’m going to start anyway. Starting with a newsletter I volunteered to make… over a month ago.”

Almost  week later – “I did pretty good on my goal – it wasn’t everyday though.  🙁  And there my perfectionism peeks out again.  So – I’m gonna celebrate what I did accomplish!  ready?  *  Newsletter for the Humanitarian Center?  started, finished and delivered.  hurray!  * a guest blog post for the 1940 census blog?  sweet.  fun photo shoot for said post?  can do.  Except not a 1940s radio in site.  Instead I sketched a radio for a backdrop and let my little ones dance in front.  It worked and I think it turned out even cuter than my first idea – love.  And my final one?  I haven’t hung anything on one of my bedroom walls because I’d love to re-paint it sometime.  So here’s a beautiful wall needing a little color with no holes at all.  I decided it’s okay to put a few holes in it while it waits to get painted.  It’s right by where Meri sleeps and I put up the most beautiful yellow cloth banner EVER.  And it makes me smile.

Thanks for getting me started Mandi!”

Here’s my goal for this week:

Some posts from my draft folder, some formulating in my brain… consider yourself warned.  🙂


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  1. Hey! Success already? You’re awesome! And you’re making me blush :).

    • I figure this is a fairly good way to keep me accountable. 😉 … and you deserve every shade of red – you are completely splendid.


  1. *Smiles* says:

    […] adore Purdue Avenue and all the inspiration found there.  You might already know […]

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