Spotlight: Katey Belle

Daddy:  I love that Katey is always dancing – flitting around on her tippy toes, leaping around and twirling… she is our little ballerina princess.

Mommy:  Katey adores her little sister Meri.  She is always watching out for her and making sure she is happy.  Katey shares her special pink blankie and favorite doll with Meri all the time.  She even leaves them with her overnight.

Jacob:  What I love about Katey is that she is so playful – running around and being active.  She is always trying to have a lot of fun.

Joshua:  Katey is always willing to let me read her bedtime stories when Jacob is babysitting.

Katey:  It’s your turn Autumn… what do you like about mmeeeee?

Autumn:  I love that Katey is always smiling.  She shows her bright shiny teeth.

Andrew:  I love Andrew.  oh… *head shake*.   I love Katey because she always plays games with me.

Caleb:  I LOOOVE Katey!

Daddy:  Why do you love Katey?

(*Katey whispering in Caleb’s ear.* – Later we found out she was telling him that he loves her – no specifics sadly.)

Daddy:  I’m sure Meri loves you because you share with her… and someday you will teach her all about being a girl.

*moving on*

Katey:  Daddy!!  I didn’t tell mine.

Daddy:  okay…

Katey:  What I love about Meri is that she kicks my hands with her feet.

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