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{Post written on October 24th – only about a month later am I getting around to putting the photos with the text and getting it published.  Not too bad considering some of my drafts.  ;)}

Sunday night was interview evening while Jim Bob was Home Teaching.  We usually take turns with interviews – a few for each of us – and it goes fairly smooth.  Last night though it was all me – and the four youngest determined to get their interviews.  It worked.

We discussed what they learned in church (this time it was all about the Autumn songs they sang and family trees), how school is going, any stories/anecdotes/concerns, etc. to share, and then we set a few goals each.  I’ve been having them select one spiritual goal and then an anything goal.  This can be expanded as they grow.  For now it works great.

Here’s a peek at the goals the young ones selected.

Katey (3):

*  Be nice to baby brother during preschool.

(Katey says this is a spiritual one because Jesus was nice to everyone.  Works for me.  🙂 )

And Katey’s other goal:

*  Help do cooking three times this week.  (I’m thinking bread, apple pie – we have lots of yummy apples from Grandma Wilson’s tree, and … a surprise – cuz that’s how we roll.)

*This is what we did Tuesday  (the 25th of October) – off to a good start:


And my apologies – you do have to imagine the result, because the camera didn’t make it’s way to the kitchen after the bread was baked.

Now for the apple pie baking – mini pies for friend’s day treat:

(Thank you for the dress Aunt Christina!  Katey does adore it!  She didn’t want to wear it for Halloween – her little heart was set on being a princess in regular clothes??  I know.  She loved the princess-y hat with ribbons, but did not want to wear a fancy dress.  Kinda cute – and a bit warmer, so no complaints.  She has gotten A LOT of wear out of the cute Dorothy dress and she just might wear it next year… if it’s not threadbare by then.  😉 Love my quirky little one!)

And the surprise:

Owl cupcakes – found here.  They are even cute with chocolate frosting eyes if you happen to eat the Reese’s Pieces on your plate before sticking them on.  I’m a little pleased that candy-eating Katey came up with that solution all by herself.  Now that I take a peek again on Pinterest it would make it sooo much easier if the cupcakes are flat on top.  oops!  Next time.  And there will be a next time…  😉

Goals for Drewby (5):

*  Pray every night with lots of thank thees

* Learn to bake an apple pie.

Autumn (7):

* Read 10 verses a day in her scriptures.  (She’s been reading 5, so I was also pleased she decided to stretch a little.)

* Change Caleb’s diapers many times this week.  (hmmm… that one didn’t pan out.  We’ll have to revisit that one.)

and because she wanted an extra:

* Learn cooking with Katey.

Caleb?  Maybe I’ll have to set his.

* Say the sweetest prayers (with a little help).

* Take amazingly good naps every day.

Looks like a good fall week to me.

Interview treat?  M&M’s in 22 different colors – courtesy of the M&M store in Las Vegas.


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  1. Owl cupcakes! I love it.
    And I love that baking is involved in so many of those goals. 🙂

  2. I’m glad that Katy loves the dress- it looks very cute on her! I’m glad that it will get a lot of wear out it. 🙂 BTW- all the pics of your kids on here are cute, as are Liz’s senior photos. You’re a very good photographer, my dear sister. 🙂 Oh- and if I haven’t told you this already- it was very fun to see you and hang out with you in Vegas. 😀

  3. I’m horrible with never getting around to posting drafts. I also have a letter to a missionary friend that was even SEALED and ADDRESSED a month ago and hasn’t been sent. 🙁 But, I LOVE your owls cupcakes, such a fun idea.

    • Thanks Leeann! I gave Bob (brother) a letter once that I wrote him while he was on his mission. I believe he had two or three children at that point. It’s not too late. 😉

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