Spotlight {Autumn}

Daddy: Autumn Michelle – I love you because when you offer to help someone you are so good to do it quickly and cheerfully. When you decide to help someone you do it with all your heart.

Jacob: I love Autumn because she has so much energy and enthusiasm.

Autumn: Do you want to see how fast I can run?

Daddy: Um, no. I want you to sit nicely and take in all the good things being said.

Andrew: Because she trades candy a lot. (The fair parade was last Saturday.)

Caleb: Sister, seeeeester! (He loves his sister and loves to say sister too. When he says his nighttime prayer, he always gets distracted when he starts talking about his sisters.). *big squeeze hugs and a huge mmmmmuah!!*

Autumn: I am very talented! I can do back bends and cartwheels!!

Josh: I love Autumn because she trades candy with me.

Mommy: I too am thankful for Autumn’s help around the house. One day she cleaned the table three times for me. She’s good at cheering up her brother and sister. She was a huge help at the fair booth. She would pass out stickers and talk about the books and was such a big help. I love Autumn. She’s my oldest girlie!

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