**Happy Independence Day!**

Here are a few gems from my scripture study this morning.

‎”Faith of our fathers, we will strive to win all nations unto thee, And thru the truth that comes from God, mankind shall then be truly free.” (hymn #84)  I love that verse 3 teaches us how to win all nations unto God – “we will love…and preach thee, too, as love knows how, By kindly words and virtuous life.”

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free…  For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”  Galatians 5:1,13

“And now, because of the covenant which ye have made ye shall be called the children of Christ, his sons, and his daughters, for behold, this day he hath spiritually begotten you; for ye say that your hearts are changed through faith on his name; therefore, ye are born of him and have become his sons and his daughters.  And under this head ye are made free, and there is no other head whereby ye can be made free.”  Mosiah 5:8

Thankful today, and always, for the knowledge of true liberty and freedom.

**Happy Independence Day!!!  Stand fast.**

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  1. very nice, thank you. Hope your day was great.

    • Thank you Becky O. – it was! It was wonderful to see you at the park. 🙂 I hope your day was beautiful as well.

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