My very favorites…

Here we are in the Mormon Miracle Pageant:

{photo by Rick Egan, Salt Lake City Tribune – June 14, 2011}

JB, me and our little ones all around.

My very favorite part of the pageant is when Christ calls up the children to teach and bless them – a scene straight from the Book of Mormon when Jesus visited this continent.  I love that as part of the pageant, the man portraying Christ actually talks to the children every night, teaching a principle that noone but them can hear.  The music is playing over the sound system and even though we’re close I have to read lips.  🙂  Two nights ago he talked about obedience and last night it was how their Heavenly Father loves each of them.

My very, very favorite part of the whole pageant is when Jesus holds up a baby.  There’s something special about babies–so much love.  We have had the blessed opportunity to have two of our little ones play that part.  Not this year, but perhaps next.  😉  Our babies always stare (or grin) at Christ with such awe – and it’s always mutual.

There are still 3 more performances of the Mormon Miracle: tonight, Friday and Saturday.  The free historical drama (one and a half hours long) starts at 9:30 p.m..  Everyone is more than welcome.  I’d love to share my favorites.

{I lightened the photo a tad so the people can be seen.  🙂  Lighten Shadows Action by Sarah Cornish of MyFourHensPhotography.}

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  1. Thanks so very much! I wonder if you know my daughters best friend growing up? Her name is Tiffini and I don’t remember her last name. She was a Gull and used to live in Washington, UT. My daughter is Marie. Say Hi from Joyce Walth.

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