Mondays in May :)

Over at Jessica “Every Monday in May you will have the opportunity to purchase an item from a designer and receive an item of equal or lesser value from that same designer for FREE! No coupon codes needed. Just fill your cart up with goodies and watch the magic happen! Keep in mind that you will not be able to use coupons or gift certificates during this special, so hold on to them until Tuesday. You can, however, use a coupon or gift certificate if you are just purchasing a class as classes are not included in this special. You can also use a coupon or gift certificate if you are purchasing only one item per designer. This special will end at midnight eastern time.

So, for example, if you want to purchase the new “Paper Garden” set from Kitschy Digitals (which I know you’re gonna want to), you can choose another one of the Kitschy Digital products that is $2.99 or less, add it to your cart, and that price will be deducted from your total! Woo hoo!”

**I took this wording directly from Mandi‘s site because she took it directly from Jessica’s site and like her, I feel that they explain it much better than I would have.  🙂  Oh, but I did change the product featured, because I think Danielle‘s paper flower set made with Sasha from The Gilded Bee is simply beautiful.  And May Day Bogey should definitely be celebrated with flowers.  🙂  You will be seeing those flowers on the blog here in the near future.  ;)**

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  1. good idea with the flowers. I was too lazy to do anything really.

  2. Beautiful! Happy May Day!!!

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