so sweepy…

This adventure is not exactly what I was expecting.  I was looking forward to feeling invigorated and more time in the morning.  Perhaps that will come with time.  I sure hope so!  🙂  I thought I might miss that time in the evening when I get things done.  Instead I find myself incredibly tired and wondering if I should try to sneak a nap in come mid-afternoon – there is no way I can make it until 10 p.m..  And that is not me.  It seems odd.  Jim Bob says it might be a form of detox.  Running on little sleep for far too long.  My body is now saying “Oh, sleep.  I like that, I need more.”  Or something along those lines.  Not sure, but I do know that I’m sleepy.  We have sick little ones in the house.  They have been taking turns since last Saturday so that might also play into it.  Anyway, it has only been two nights (soon to be three) so I can definitely give it more time, but thought I’d record where I’m at now.  For perspective.  For when I’m rocking the early bedtime/early morning, I will remember that it did not come easy.

Night, night.

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  1. Those photos are so sweet! I hope you catch up soon. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I’ve been trying to get tucked in a lot earlier as well, but I’ve not defined it yet. When the news comes on I just think to myself, “why am I sitting here waiting for him?” And then I scoot off to bed or to tie up loose ends. In the past I would sit through the news, and the weather, and the sports, and sometimes Dave/Jay… but usually I would be working/surfing while he sat through all of those and we’d be waiting for each other but not really knowing it. It was getting old. I decided to put an end to it. Anyhow… after that short news announcement. Go you!

  2. Ha! Jim Bob and I have done the same thing for years. Just waiting on the other…

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