Happy National Pie Day!

How are you celebrating?

We are having muffins for breakfast.  (Obviously I didn’t get the memo in time.)

I did receive an email from Martha this morning with the cutest craft for pie day.

A paper pie box. I’m saving the template for next year.  Really, those emails should come at least a week early, so I could gather the supplies all week and make it the night before.  😉

However, the rest of the day we’re covered.  I have leftover deep dish pizza planned for lunch.  Love leftovers on a Sunday.  Pizza pie.  perfect.

And it’s already PIE night.  We got this idea from a High Council speaker in church a few years ago.  He told of a family that had pie every Sunday evening and personal interviews – parents with children.  Personal. Interview. Evening.  JB jumped on the idea right away.  He adores pie.  Our interviews with the little ones had been quite sporadic and I loved the idea of consistency.  It’s been so good for all of us.  With Christmastime I got lazy.  There were treats galore around our house and we’d just grab sugar cookies or peanut brittle during the interviews and called it good.  I know JB has been missing the pie and this is the perfect excuse to get back on track.  Thankfully he thought ahead and we have a whole bunch of blueberry and cherry pie filling in our food storage.  Makes it easy.  Easy as…  my, oh, my.

{pie by me, photo by JB – we make a good team.  ;)}

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  1. Wow! I’m totally going to use that template. I love little individual containers for desserts. I found some for cupcakes, but pie ones are brilliant. 🙂

  2. Pie – how fun! I thought “Pie Day” was March 14 (pi = 3.14…) Of course it’s OK to celebrate pie day any day. We had cherry pie on President’s day. 🙂

    • Oh yes – pie any day is good. 🙂 I’m not sure why National Pie day is different from that one.

  3. Mmmmm…… Another small, little known, ridiculessly fun holiday!

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