My man and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary.  The real day is on New Years Eve.  We love to celebrate the new year with the kiddos and then, if possible, take a week  a little later in January for a getaway.  We always pick a whole day to celebrate us.  It’s like a joint birthday.  Could there be anything better?

This year we thought Tuesday the 11th (of 2011) would be perfect.  Nevermind the fact that it was the morning of the 11th when we decided it would be perfect.  😉

Here’s how our fake anniversary went down:

Strawberry stuffed french toast after sleeping in.

Some late morning dancing and talking.

A trip to a place very similar to where eternity started for us:

We were married in the Manti temple and went there New Year’s Eve a few weeks ago.   The two temples were built around the same time and have many similarities.  We couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate us, so we went to the St. George temple to do sealings.  We wanted to be reminded of all those wonderful promises given a couple who choose and qualify to be together forever.  I love this temple (and grounds) – so beautiful! …and Jim Bob did an amazing job taking evening photos – without a tripod.

Next was one of my favorite places for dinner.  Cafe Rio.  Yeah, it deserves it’s own sentence.  Their napkins alone deserve their own sentence.  JB had the fire grilled chicken salad and I tried the Pork Barbacoa burrito for the first time.  We both won.

Dessert at Applebees (thanks to Mom Pipes for the GC!)

Jim Bob’s only requirement was that his dessert sizzled.  He loves the fajitas there.  Same reason.  When his blonde brownie came to the table it was sure sizzling.  Even more so when he poured the buttery carmel sauce over it.

A quick trip to Target for valentine-y stuff we can’t get back home and then back to the condo.

And like all our days there, it was nicely punctuated by a trip to the hot tub.  mmmmmm.

Happy Birthday to us.

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  1. Okay. There is a new rule that you are not allowed to come to my town without calling me. I mean virtual friends are cool and all, but real life friends are so much better. Even though it was technically your anniversary. But now that that’s out of the way. Next time you’re in town… Seriously.

  2. You got it Mandi! 🙂

  3. And back atcha! 😉

  4. Happy Anniversary. It looks like you know how to celebrate. I could use some pointers as our anniversary is in the middle of pageant and it just slips by without fanfare. July comes and we have forgotten.

  5. Ruth Hansen says:

    Your celebrations look fantastic. I need me some of that strawberry stuffed french toast. Looks fabulous. What do you use for the filling? I caught a glimpse of what I think might possibly be a super cute short hair-do… Did you get your hair cut? If so, I need a picture. 🙂 Love ya sis.

  6. Yay for 11 years celebrated on 1/11/11…and what a sweet celebration!
    I’m with Ruth – is that a cute new hair-do???
    Love you, Mom

  7. Oh, and the recipe for strawberry french toast. Our whole family loves it. The filling is simple – cream cheese, sugar, strawberries, vanilla and a little cinnamon.

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