Instant Gratification

A fun little creation just for me.  An ID tag – to tuck in the front pocket of the camera bag – just in case I ever lose our camera.  Knowing me, it just might happen.  Once I lost my flute for an afternoon while I was in college.  I was studying Music Education and my flute was quite necessary for many of my classes.  I called the campus police to report the disappearance.  A few hours later I talked with the transportation department.  I had left my flute on the bus.  I realized when the Statesman (campus newspaper) came out that I had never contacted the police again.  There it was – a flute missing – highlighted in the police blotter.

The other creation is a cover for my camera manual.  My favorite feature is the polka dot ribbon bookmark glued into the cover binding.  Sweet.

And a fun little tid-bit.  My first camera was a Polaroid.  I won it in the 8th grade invention contest.  I invented an educational board game, “Mind Stretchers”.  And won Grand Prize!  How I loved that camera.  Rita, one of my favorite roommates in college, had a polaroid camera.  She used it often and would always say “instant gratification”.  Made me laugh every time.  I guess digital is that way now.  😉

Vintage Cameras Kit by Kitschy Digitals
fonts: DJB Poppyseed & American Typewriter

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  1. I can totally see Rita saying that. How funny!

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