Day 20

Just slightly overdue.  😉

We spent Day 20 in the car traveling to our Thanksgiving destination – Aunt Ruth-a’s house.  We were planning on going the day before but a blizzard warning {first time in my lifetime here} prevented that.  We were happy to be warm and snug and traveling instead of on the side of a slippery road.  A day later than planned, a little slower than planned, but we made it.  Hooray!  🙂  My creative endeavor for the day involved felt and a glue gun.  Yup, in the car.  I might even be impressed with myself.  😉  It is amazing what an inverter can allow you to accomplish.

I love making place cards.  For Thanksgiving especially.  It’s been my “job” for years.  Last year we made cornucopias out of sugar cones, jelly beans and Runts.  Hard to top, no?  I think we did okay:

I love taking parts of one holiday and infusing it into another. Thus the “fortunate cookies” were born. The felt fortune cookies served as place holders for the dinner table. Mint kisses were hidden inside and a whole bunch of printed tags, labels and journaling tags were scattered around. I invited people to write fortunes for each other.  We got some funny fortunes from some of the smaller ones and lots of giggles.  Later I thought it would be way better to write “fortunate” things about each other and place them in the corresponding cookies. Ah, there’s always next year.  😉

What fun – and so easy to do for a crowd!   The fortune cookies are felt circles.  Each one has a piece of floral wire hot glued across the diameter with a ribbon over to keep it purty.  I’ll have to take a close-up photo of that – it’s a little hard to explain.  That way the wire can be bent and the cookie keeps it’s shape (thank you Martha Stewart).  Adorable and reusable.  And obviously portable seeing as I made them in the car. 50 of them, just-in-case.  We ended up using close to 40.

*Huge special thank you to my brother John.  He sacrificed some computer time to help me cut all those tags and cards.  I’m thankful for him!*

Nutmeg Elements by Cosmo Cricket {tags and labels}
font on photo: CK Renaissance

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  1. I’m sorry I missed the sugar cones, it sounds so cute, but I think this year was fantastic. Props to completing it in the car. They looked great. 🙂

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