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Every day I pack lunches for my boys.  Well, except tomorrow because it’s pizza day at school and who can resist pizza??  So, most days I pack lunches.  I try to include a sandwich of some sort, a fruit, veggie and a “secret snack” that is usually on the sugary side.  I also slip a note in each day.  For Jacob’s I am not allowed to sign it “Mommy and Daddy” anymore.  And I can’t call them love notes (even though they truly are).  Who said he could grow up?

Anyway, packing lunches is just a part of our morning routine.  So is Andrew always asking for a lunch “just like his brothers”.  Today I did just that.  I sat down and created a lunch just like theirs.  He got in on the fun by decorating his paper bag.  We also made them for Autumn, Katey and Daddy.  They all enjoyed a sack lunch at the table for lunchtime today.  It was a hit.

Which leaves me with only one question – Does anyone have any ideas for “cool” lunch notes?

*p.s.  Day 10 is still in draft mode.  It’s a post that won’t work without photos and it’s taking a little time – sorry!*

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