day 5

Today I helped create a magical evening.  It was the annual Daddy Daughter activity for the girls in our church, ages 8-11 and their daddies.   This year we had a luau-inspired evening.

Loaded up the van with some of the goods.  A palm tree, candy leis, candy bracelets, bright colored paper/balloon flowers, a grass skirt and some toppings for Hawaiian Haystacks:

The palm tree was created by my girls (I teach the 10-year-olds) last Thursday.  They had soooooo much fun making it.  Cardboard boxes taped together, brown paper trunk and lots of volcano-esque leaves protruding from the top.  Oh, and streamers – a nice touch.

Here’s a close-up of the candy leis and bracelets, along with the flowers:

Okay – much better on – I’ll have to have JB model one for the camera soon.

Each dad received a lei as they walked in the door.  The girls got a candy bracelet and a flower clip made by another group of girls.  They then had Daddy/Daughter photos taken by a beautiful beach-inspired backdrop.

The Polynesian Club from Snow College was not able to come to our activity last minute (sadly no hula and haka dances 🙁 ).  However, some of the leaders thought up some activities quick.  There was a special hand/foot identification game (to fit with our Recognition Night theme of “Daddy’s Hands” next month), a hula hoop contest and the ever-popular limbo!  A whole Hawaiian Haystacks buffet and yummy ice cream/snow cone treats finished off the night.

{Who thought to put a scoop of ice cream in the bottom of a snow cone?  I don’t know, but it’s yummy!}


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