Today I am thankful for helping create a beautiful little 10-month-old boy that is just growing and progressing.  Today I noticed his first tooth had popped through his bottom gums.  Thankful to see each step along the way and to be involved in his development.  (Also, a big thank you for the creation of Tylenol for babies.)

Another creation was a conversation with my 7 year-old Joshua.  I am so thankful for a wonderful friend that gave me a short call with a little info.  Earlier this week Joshua and a group of his friends found an inappropriate magazine during recess on the school playground.  Some of the boys wanted to hide it under a pile of leaves and look at it later.  Some of them knew that was wrong.  They decided to find an adult to give the magazine to.  They did and I am so grateful.  Jim Bob and I both repeatedly praised him for making a good choice.  Tonight Jacob, Joshua, Andrew and I listened to this story from the Friend magazine.  (I had already read it a few weeks ago to the younger ones during preschool.)  It helped continue the conversation a little further.  Later while we were washing dishes I asked Joshua if the Holy Ghost helped him to know the magazine would not be something good to look at.  He said no, he already knew that all by himself.  He said the Holy Ghost did help know what to do next though.  So thankful for loving guidance, answers to prayers, and pure boys.  Thankful for good friends, a caring community, and open conversations.  Part of my mommy heart just aches that a 7-year-old would have to deal with a temptation (to many!) like that.  And a very large part of my mommy heart is overflowing with gratitude for a strong, conscientious boy.

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  1. This is so great. I’ve never heard of Rhonna’s 21 day challenge, but I love President Uchtdorf’s talk. I love the Mormon Message video they made from it too.

    Hmm… magazines on the playground. I keep hoping and praying that this won’t be an issue. I know it will come up eventually. I guess all we can do is prepare them. I’m so glad your little guy made the right choice and set a good example for friends as well.

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