Day 2

Today I created homemade guacamole.  Avocados (Cados!! if you ask Katey), lime juice, green onion, garlic, salt and a food processor.  Yum!

I’m also working on creating a restful, peaceful Sabbath.  I’ve learned that how I spend my Saturday directly effects the feel of the Sabbath.  I love to fit in lots of fun family time on Saturday.  However, if we do too much and stay up too late on Saturday then Sunday is a rush.  A rush of getting Jim Bob off to meetings, getting the children ready, inevitably being 5-10 minutes late for church, feeling stressed and it is so not conducive to a feeling of peace and worship.  So here’s my Saturday list:

pick up yummy produce from Bountiful Baskets…     check

plan my nursery lesson about the Sacrament…     check  (the older brother of one of our little ones will be coming to talk about preparing and blessing the Sacrament.  He will do such a wonderful job!)

much needed hair cuts for my boys…     check

baths and showers for all…     check

homemade guac devoured…     check

dance with Andrew in the living room when he asks “May I have this doonce?” (the music video for Crush was on)…     check

kids to bed on time…     um, no check.  The girls were in bed an hour and a half late.  But then later I remembered it was the ending of Daylight Savings Time – yay!  So it’s kinda like they were only a half hour late.  😉  The boys were 2 hours late (technically only one after DST ends at 2 something a.m.).  Ah – always room to improve.

Now it’s time for me to lay out the Sunday clothes and hop into bed myself before that magical hour disappears.

Love to all.

eta:  Sunday morning did go very smooth.  The clothes laid out…

and I even had a moment to take a snapshot before we left for church.  We made it on time too.  😉 Hurray!

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