Happy Day!

Did you?

Many thanks to all the men and women in the past who made it possible for me to vote today.  I am thankful for the chance to choose to vote.  Right behind me in line was one of my friends that got to vote for her first time today.  Her excitement was contagious.

p.s.  I love this series of photos taken today.  Want to vote on your favorite?  😉

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  1. So did you have your friend snapping photos of you or are you the queen of self-portraits? I love the one with his finger up his nose. Such a classic little kid pose.

  2. That would be Jim Bob – a good friend. 😉 He watched the kiddos while I voted and I asked him to take a photo of my sticker before he ran off to the next thing. We didn’t know we’d get the whole show from Caleb. The nose one cracks me up too. I was just trying to pose with my sticker and he totally stole the show. My reaction doesn’t hit until the next photo. Silly kid – love him.

  3. watch out – that kids has mischievous look about him … 🙂

  4. Yup – you are so right Sarah. 🙂 He is already in to soooooo much. I turn around and things are dumped, spilled, turned upside down,it’s crazy. And that’s without him walking!

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