my bouquet

All digital product by The Queen of Quirk (found at

Scrap Canvas – Flutter

Father Time  Accents and Paper Pack

Actions on photos by Sarah CornishSoft Pop in The Photographer’s Toolbox x2  🙂

Here are a few close-ups of our garlic.

We got quite the harvest.  Over a hundred bulbs.  If anyone would like a few, or more than a few – let me know.  🙂

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  1. Awesome harvest Becky!! My favorite kind of bouquet! I intend to get garlic planted each year and never manage…yours looks awesome! What a useful all year type of thing to grow, too!

  2. We love it! Perfect for chili and pastas and pesto and oh, almost everything. We do have plenty though. I will bring some your way on Friday! 🙂

  3. Ruth Hansen says:

    your garlic plants look amazing! How do you store the garlic?

  4. It’s easy to store. They need to be “aired” for three weeks. Just laid on screens in the storage shed. Then you can snap off the ends and store that way – or you can braid the ends and hang the garlic. As long as the protective covering is intact they will store close to a year. If it’s broken you need to use it within a few months. All of this is based on research though, so we’ll see how it goes this year. Last year we had eight bulbs total and we used it within the first few months. It’s nice to have and sooo yummy. Would you like some? I’d be happy to bring some your way in a few short weeks. 😉

  5. Ruth Hansen says:

    I would love that…thanks Becky!

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