Another lesson in nursery today.

I’m not talking about the lesson on “Sunday is a Day to Remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ”.  Although that is a very important and wonderful lesson as well.  I learned today that my nursery children sometimes get more out of the lesson while we’re coloring than during the sit down time.  I guess “sit down” time is not always a good description.  At one point today more than half were running around in ovals giggling.  Makes it hard to talk or listen.  So when they are sitting down with a bunch of colorful crayons and a paper that is all about the lesson, that’s a good thing.  I read the different sections and we talked about the wonderful ways we can worship on the sabbath:

On Sunday I can go to church.

On Sunday I can show special love to my family.

On Sunday I can read the scriptures.

Sunday is a day to remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

I love being reminded of the basics.  If I just focused on those things above – what a wonderful day of worship and rest it would be.

Important and wonderful.  The other lesson in nursery was also applicable and I felt aimed right at me.  A few of the boys in nursery are excellent hoarders.  They have their favorite tractors, cars, dishes, bouncy balls and even books.  One today piled all the goodness in his arms and then just walked around watching the other children playing.  He had so many good toys.  His favorites.  But he had so many that his arms were full and he could not enjoy any of them.  Oh how often do I fill my life with so many good things that it is simply too many?  Too many things to enjoy and my schedule is just bursting.  I need to remind myself that it is okay to leave a few of those things at different times.  Leave them for others to enjoy.  And for me to enjoy at a later time.

p.s.  He did end up leaving the toys in a pile and sending most of them flying down a tube.  We learned cars with bigger wheels travel farther (thanks to the sweet sister helping out today for pointing that out) and balls of all sizes will roll until they hit the wall.  😉  Quite enjoyable and educational.

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  1. Was that Jake C? It sounds like him!

  2. He does do that often – he loves that “Henry” train and the train tracks. It wasn’t him this time though – it was a new little guy. Jake did have me write his whole name (first, middle, last) on his paper yesterday though – he cracks me up.

  3. Oh, how cute! Thanks for sharing!

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