Meals for a crazy fall day

Lunch today:

Taco popcorn and Hot Chocolate with whipped cream

Because it’s one of those crazy running around kind of fall days.

On the menu for dinner?  Broccoli Cheddar Soup in bread bowls.  I wish it was this recipe for the soup – yummy!  and not too hard, just takes time.  But it is one of those crazy running around kind of days.  I wish the bread bowls were made with the recipe from the lady that owns this store in town.  Amazing!  I still need to get that recipe.  They are delicious.  Instead, we have this:

But I tell you – those rolls are yummy and are the perfect size for little ones eating “bread bowls”.

Happy Fall!  and Happy crazy days!

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  1. Today feels like that kind of day for me too. Right from the get-go. The boys ate breakfast at school [and honestly probably just arrived in time to get it… I should keep cereal in the house for days like this.] The girl and I had boiled eggs left over from a couple of days ago. Lunch was PB + honey. Thankfully dinner will be at my parents. It’s our monthly family dinner. It will be the bright spot of the day.

  2. I have many days like that. I try to have at least one yummy meal – and if not I try to supplement with a yummy drink or dessert. The kiddos probably don’t care as much, but I do. 🙂

    How was your monthly dinner? The ones I don’t have to think up and cook seem to taste sooooo much better!

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