You know you have a big family when…

Every night I pray for “our little family”.  I always mean the family that lives under our roof.  Every night Jim Bob snickers.  I just haven’t considered six children a large family.  I grew up 4th of eleven.  11 is getting there.  6, not so much.  Our days are full of crazy fun and sometimes just crazy – that’s a given.

This summer we started getting the obvious big family jokes.  We were walking away from our county fair and someone said to their daughter, “Don’t walk with the Pipes.  You might get lost in there.”  I was a little taken back, not because I thought it was cruel or unwarranted.   I just didn’t consider our family to be big.  I responded, “We’d probably just take her right home”.  Classy, I know.  Still not sure what I would say if/when it happens again.

Tonight I’m starting to think we might be getting there.  The reason?  We opened a brand new container of yummy berry cheesecake ice cream, scooped cones for everyone and it was gone.  Crazy.  They were on the bigger side, but still.  Wow.

My prayers might be worded a little differently tonight.  😉

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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    Love it! Those ice cream cones sounded divine. I have also been known to call our family “little” -with Steven snickering – though not so much recently. 🙂

  2. So glad you know the joy that comes from Family!!!
    Love ya!

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