Spotlight: {Daddy}

Jacob:  I love him because he goes to work and gets what we need for us and he is CUTE.

{laughter ensues from all the children}

Daddy:  heh heh heh, Okay?!??

Katey:  I love Daddy Cakes.  Birthday cakes for my birthday.  Cakes for my party.  You get me milk?

Joshua:  I like that daddy takes out the mouses.  {We have caught 15 in the last 2 weeks.  Yikes!  Daddy is the softy that bought a dozen live traps and releases them in the back field.  After much experimentation the mice seem to prefer croutons although we even caught one in an empty trap that had been washed and left out on the counter.}

Andrew:  I love daddy because he took us fishing on Saturday.  I want to get a big one.

Autumn:  I love Dad because he gives me hugs at night and tells me he loves me and I like that he gives me hold yous.  And I like that he gives me kisses.  I love him forever.

Mommy:  Our daddy is obviously a silly one.  He’s also a loving, caring, sweetheart-of-a-man.  Listening to the comments just proves he knows how to take care of all of us.  Not an easy feat with a large family.  Tickles for some, reading a book to another, high-tolerance for silly jokes, hand-held walking and shoulder rides for a little one, drawing request after request, snuggles for our cuddly tiny one, late night discussions over a concern at school, a bottle of Simply Lemonade showing up in the fridge, a listening ear and a whole lot of love.  I love that he’s always willing to make our lives a little happier.  And he does.

{This is my 100th post.  Jim Bob said I should celebrate.  I am – this post is dedicated to him.  For the man he was, the man he is and the man he wants to become – I love them all.  He also said I should give away homemade cookies for my 100th post.  They’re all yours hunny – pick the kind.  🙂 }

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  1. Yay 100 posts !
    What a perfect post – Jim Bob is a wonderful husband & father and son!
    (PS Lucky Jim Bob – we’ve had your cookies before!)

  2. Awww. So sweet. This is adorable.

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