Spotlight: {Grandma Wilson}

From the archives.  🙂  This was back in March, but I realized I hadn’t posted it yet.  We went to visit Grandma Wilson for a Family Home Evening.  She is so sweet and gracious.  We asked her if we could come, teach a lesson and bring treats.  She insisted on making us dinner.  While there we spotlighted her.

Autumn:  I love when she makes dinner for us.  (Tonight we had a yummy corn dog, pickle, olives, and Sun Chips.  yuuuummmm!)

Andrew:  She gives me papers to draw on.

Jacob:  I love that she has a lot of fun stuff for us to do:  stamps, Lincoln Logs, drawing…

Joshua:  She has Nickolodeon.  We watched it a lot while you were gone.  (Daddy:  Believe me, I used to watch it when I was about your age at Grandma’s)

Katey:  I love you.

Mommy:  I love that Grandma tells me all the time that she thinks our children are so smart and handsome/beautiful.  I love that.  And she tells wonderful stories.

Daddy:  I love Grandma’s witty wisdom. When you live 92 years you have a lot of experience under your belt. When you can share the good things and laugh about the rough parts, that’s a great perspective on life.

We love our sweet, faith-filled, spunky, kind, dark chocolate-loving (and sharing!), sweetheart of a Grandma.

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