Little lessons

Katey and I were playing in nursery today.  Katey had lined up a whole variety of plates, utensils and cups.  She explained the whole buffet to me (including “hot dogs” that looked suspiciously like corn on the cob).  She had a little cup she was “drinking” out of.  I asked what was in that one and she replied, “tea”.  I explained that tea is not good for our bodies, but we could pretend it was something else.  Hot chocolate, lemonade, juice… so many possibilities.  I then asked what was in her cup.  “Tea” she said.

I was trying to decide whether to continue the lesson or let it wait for a different time.  She is only two I told myself.  While I sat there debating I saw her pick up the cup, walk over to the play kitchen and pour the “tea” down the sink.  She then washed the cup (complete with whooshing water sounds) and returned to the table.  “It has juice!” she announced.  Later she told me, “Apple juice is good for our bodies”.

I should have known she was capable of understanding.  But just talking about it wasn’t going to change what was in the cup.  You have to act.  Katey showed me that today.  And there you have it.  A one-on-one Word of Wisdom lesson in nursery.  For the both of us.

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