That's an unwrap . . .

Bishop Bingham began the discussion by handing out two suckers.  He instructed one brother to go ahead and eat it.  The other he instructed to unwrap the sucker and then eat it.  What a difference it makes in how the sucker tastes!  (waxy vs. sweet, no flavor vs. flavor, etc.)  He then compared it to the gospel.  We all need to participate in order to learn.  We need to be agents – acting in accordance with our knowledge.  We need to ask questions to understand the gospel better.  Dig, search, wonder.  Unwrap it so that you can better savor it.

And ask we did.  Bishop Bingham opened the rest of the time up for questions.  Questions anyone in the class had about the gospel.  We talked about the first resurrection (D&C 138:50) and how our spirits will want to be joined with our bodies again.  Even though there is pain and sorrow connected with these bodies, there are also so many wonderful experiences as well.  So many experiences that are intensified because of the body/spirit combination.

We talked about repentance after death (D&C 138:31-37).  We also talked about Satan’s proposed plan before we came to this earth.  Now, I had always assumed that Satan wanted to force us to do good.  Force us to get back to heaven again.  But that’s not it at all.  He wanted the easy way.  He wanted to take away consequences.  To have us do whatever we wanted and still be saved in the end.  And he wanted to have ALL the glory.  Sneaky, no?  Quite.

We also discussed what changes and what doesn’t in the gospel.  Doctrines are eternal truths that are never-changing.  Principles are doctrines that are packaged for application and fit the learner and situation.  Policies change over time.  They are usually used to protect doctrine and fit the times (i.e.  No dating before the age of 16 is a policy that protects the law of chastity.  It is not a doctrine – think about biblical times.)

Now, the unwrapping principle is true in so many areas of life.  Put in a little more effort.  Try a little harder.  Go a little deeper.  You’ll taste the rewards if you do.

What are some questions you have?  Search and find those answers.  Actively ask and search.  Unwrap the gospel and taste the sweetness.

{from a combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting at church (August 29th).}

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