Happy Day Aunt Vicki!!!

We are so glad you were born!  There are so many of life’s lessons I have learned from you.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  I remember loving the times I was able to visit your family.  I remember you flipping pancakes across the room for us to catch on our plates.  I remember when things did not go as planned and a pancake landed in a flower pot.  We were daring each other to eat the dirty breakfast and you just laughed and laughed about it.  Thank you for your fun-loving ways.  I remember being young and running into your kitchen after playing for hours outside in your beautiful and fun yard.  You would pull down a bucket of delicious looking cookies.  Oh, but those cookies did not come free.  A quick hug and a smooch was required.  And one of those lessons fit in as well.  You would tell me that my kisses were not to be just given to anyone.  Trading kisses for cookies was fine – as long as it was you and not just any nice looking young man.  That lesson, and my love of cookies, stuck with me.  Thank you!  When I did find a young man that I wanted to spend forever kissing, we got married and started our family.  I remember walking across campus at college and talking with you on the phone sharing the news.  We were sooooo excited, but I was also very nervous.  There were so many aspects that were brand new and I felt a touch overwhelmed.  Near the end of the conversation you commented that you hoped I would enjoy the labor of bringing a little one into this world.  I remember being shocked and thinking “really?”.  Up to that point I had heard many awful stories of pain and troubled times.  You reassured me that it could be wonderful.  How thankful I was that you shared that calm perspective.  It was a truly wonderful, enjoyable experience.  The first of many birth-days in our family.  Thank you!  As we all celebrate your birthday we wish you all the best. The best of fun, laughter-infused, kissy, cookie-filled, miraculous and magically wonderful days in your life.  We love you!!  Becky, Jim Bob and family

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