Spotlight: { Andy-roo }

Our four-year-old little man has so many fun nicknames. Definitely the most of anyone in our family. My favorites that have stuck are Drewby and Andy-roo.

Joshua – Andrew likes to play Tronthon with me. (2 weeks later and going strong!)

Autumn – I like that Andrew likes to help other people. He helps Caleb when he fusses.

(Andrew interjects that he gives Caleb his binky and that it works well.)

Katey Belle – On the chair. Andrew is on the chair. And Daddy is on a chair too.

Caleb – Andrew makes me laugh and smile. (as translated by Autumn)

Daddy – I love Andrew’s copious vocabulary and the funny way he uses words.

Mommy – I love how thoughtful and imaginative Andrew is. He is always making me smile or giggle. Come to think of it, he is always smiling or giggling too.

Jacob – He is the cutest little fire-ball of energy ever.

If Drewby could do anything for one day it would to clean his bedroom. (Daddy: really? Anything? You could go to the moon and you want to clean your bedroom? Andrew: Yup!) Today he cleaned his room and was a “gopher”. Jacob had him slide under the bed and pull everything out. Obviously they had fun. 😉 Andy-roo’s favorite dessert is lemon cake with lemon frosting. “And on top, . . . . a cherry on top. A frosting cherry! A big fat cherry!!”

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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    Thanks for sharing. Made me smile. We sure loved having you guys here. Come back soon!!!

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