Spotlight: { Joshua }

*coming to you from the treehouse*  sweet!

Katey Belle:  I love Joshua.  Yes!

Daddy:  Daddy loves Joshua because he is so funny.  Whenever I turn around he is upside down.  On his bed, against the wall, anywhere . . .   in a handstand.  He is also always willing to say a prayer or to do little chores that need to be done – let the dog in or whatever.

Autumn:  I love about Josh that he likes to help others.  He gives me piggy backs and I love that he gives me hugs and kisses.

Jacob:  I love Josh because he likes to wrestle me a lot and he always has a big smile on his face when I say that.  I wonder why he does that?

Andrew:  I love Joshua because he plays games with me.  Two games!  Ninja and Tronthan (made up by Josh).

Mommy:  Josh is super sweet to everyone and shares all the time.  He shares food and ideas and his time with his brothers and sisters.  He is also a good reader.

If Josh was a flavor of ice cream he would be cookies and cream, because it is his favorite.  One of his favorite primary songs is “Scripture Power”  and his favorite other song is the Diego theme song.

p.s.  “Tronthan is really simple.  It’s super easy.  You pretend you’re like weird creatures.  You have to find pencils to unlock the creatures to turn into.  You have to go to Tron-land to get certain things for the creatures.”

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