Endless Summer

Sometimes the beach just isn’t close enough.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

This magical magnetic creation is made using Dani Mogstad’s “Take Me Away” vacation kit (digital):

The other supplies needed are magnetic tape, scissors, a magnetic tin (mine is recycled), and sand:

I made a fun label and printed my sandcastle sections and decorations.  Then I stuck them to the magnet strip and cut around.  I also glued some real sand onto the castle pieces.  I got a big bag at Walmart for $3 and used the rest in a tub for more sandcastle building.  When I had a nice size collection of pieces I put them in the tin.

Here are a few photos to get an idea of how big the tin is:

Wow, Katey was being a ham:

The kit was then ready to be assembled as desired.

Here’s just one of many possibilities:

Here’s to a summer filled with sandcastle building (real and magnetic)!

p.s.  Jacob’s first creations using the kit:

He even took the photo.  (Because, obviously that is what you do.  😉 )

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