Spotlight: {Caleb}

Mommy:  I adore Caleb’s smile.  When he is just waking up and sleepy.  Then he recognizes me and bursts into a huge smile.  Even his eyes smile.  Love that.

Jacob:  I like it when he stares at me and plays little hand games with me.

Andrew:  I love about Caleb when he wakes up from his nap and giggles when I tickle him.

Joshua:  I love Caleb because he moves around his little arms and legs.

Autumn:  Yeah.  That’s the baby happy dance!  Caleb has a cute smile and he is very cute when he does the ba-by hap-py dance.  He’s soooo cute!

Katey Belle:  I love Caleb, Mom.  I love him.  Laughing.  (complete with sign language)  My baby brother.  *hugs and snuggles*  My baby brother.  *kisses*  Now kiss Dad.  Mom, kiss you.  Kiss Autumn . . .

Daddy:  I love how kissable his cheeks are.  And I love his reaction when I do my Donald Duck voice.  And I love his big, beautiful eyes just like his mommy’s.

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