Spotlight: {Mommy}

Talent tonight was a whole menagerie.  Joshua did a handstand by the door.  Jacob ran and blew bubbles at the same time.  Daddy changed Katey’s bum.  And Autumn’s talent was taking photos of it all, well, except for the diaper change.

Daddy:  Let’s start with the biggest first.  *huge cheshire grin*  I love, love, love, love, love, love the way your mommy looks at you late at night when you are all asleep,  and she leans over and softly gives you a kiss on your cheek.  You don’t even know it, but she loves you so much that she has to check on you one more time to make sure you’re alright.  And if she can’t, she sends your daddy.

Jacob:  I like that mommy makes all our meals, and hugs and kisses us and helps when we’re sad.  She also plays with us when she has time.

Joshua:  I like mom because she feeds Caleb.

Autumn:  I love mommy because she snuggles us, and loooves us, and helps us and tells us what to do.

Drewby:  I love when mommy gives me cough drops (poor little guy is sick right now).

Katey Belle:  Park … my mommy.  My popsicle is cold.  T… I… Y!  Silly, silly Katey.  (got to love speaking in third person!)

I think Caleb loves that I feed him too. Tonight it was yummy smushed green beans from our last year’s garden.  mmmm.

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