Conversation over an Otter Pop

Jacob found me weeding in the garden.  He sat down, ate his otter pop …

and asked me that age-old question – “Mom, what’s for lunch?”  My classic response followed – “what sounds good?”  {You know, looking for ideas.  ;)}   Jacob came back with his usual, “what do we have?”  {aw, no love.}  So I said, “I can make mac-n-cheese”.  “Anything else” was the reply.  “Um, we have chicken strips in the freezer.”

“You just said magical words Mom!”  Now we’re talking.

He continued to finish his frozen goodness and we talked.  He said he likes to talk with me “without the craziness of the other kids”.  There are times.  🙂

One of the funniest things he said that cracked me up was, “I don’t like the smell of grapes.”  “yeah?”  I said trying to decide if grapes are really that smelly.  “Well, grapes are okay.  I don’t like the smell of grape juice.”  okay, now grape juice does have an aroma.  Not a bad one to me, but okay.  Jacob then proceeded to explain, “It’s just part of my personality.  It’s in my DNA.”

Heh – I think that’s my favorite excuse yet – at least from a nine-year-old.

p.s.  I think those way happy smiles are from the fact that I asked him to go back out to the garden for a photoshoot after I cleaned my dirty hands up.  That’s right, a whole ‘nother pop to enjoy.  The original was blue.  🙂

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  1. Daniel Smalley says:

    So contemplative, Thoreau would be proud.

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