Spotlight: { Jacob }

Joshua:  I love Jacob because he’s a great wrestler.

Jacob:  Yep!  Including Kung Foo.

Daddy:  Kung Foo isn’t wrestling.

Jacob:  Kung Foo and wrestling mixed with karate.

Autumn:  Well, I like that Jacob gives me piggy backs.  And don’t forget horsey rides.

Andrew:  I love that Jacob plays the Wii with me.  Mario Kart and sometimes I fall down holes and when something wiggles it means holes are coming.  And your balloons pop.

Katey Belle:  Jaaa-cob!!  Fun-ny and silly.  (This comment leads to silly, funny faces from the two of them.  Katey calls them “monkey faces”.)

Mommy:  Jacob has very nice hair.  And he is very good when I cut it.  He’s a patient guy.

Jacob:  Yeah.  Just don’t cut it too short.  I don’t want to be close to bald.  Or even close to close to bald.  Just cut it to a good length.  Okay Dad, your turn.

Daddy:  I love Jacob because he is such a good helper around the house.  Any job I have to do, he does without asking any questions and is cheerful about it.  He loves to help!

Jacob loves soccer, pizza, pokemon cards, the Wii and the treehouse.  His favorite dessert is cherry cobbler.  He is very good at math, spelling (he gets 100% almost every time), and reading.  He says he’s “extremely good at reading” and he’s right.  We love our smart, handsome, sweetheart of a boy.

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