Spotlight: {Autumn}

Daddy:  I love Autumn because she is the embodiment of the word exuberant.

ex·u·ber·ant [ig-zoo-ber-uhnt]     –adjective

1.  effusively and almost uninhibitedly enthusiastic; lavishly abundant: an exuberant welcome for the hero.
2.  abounding in vitality; extremely joyful and vigorous.
3.  extremely good; overflowing; plentiful: exuberant health.
4.  profuse in growth or production; luxuriant; superabundant:exuberant vegetation.

Andrew:  I love Autumn to keep our house and temple clean.  (Can you kinda tell what our Family Home Evening lesson was about?)

Joshua:  I love that Autumn makes up great songs.  When she goes to the potty she sings and makes up beautiful songs.  My favorite is “Sunlight Over the Water”.

Autumn:  (*singing*)”I love my Heavenly Father…”

Daddy:  She does sing lots.  “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”, “Jesus Once Was a Little Child”, “Beautiful Savior” and “I Love to See the Temple” are ones I hear lots.  (Those are her very favorites right now.)

Jacob:  I love that Autumn loves to have little parties and mini-campouts in her room.

Daddy:  That’s true.  There have been some good tents in her bedroom lately.

Andrew:  Sometimes I make tents for Autumn.

Mommy:  Autumn is my big helper.  She is always willing to grab a diaper or a kleenex or a drink of water for someone.  She is my biggest kiddo when the boys are gone to school and she really helps out.  I also like that Autumn tells and shows me what she’s learning in dance class.  She tells me all about her beautiful purple costume with white umbrella and I’m very excited she has a recital coming up.

We love our beautiful, silly, often loud, smiling, happy, dramatic, wonder of a little angel.

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