Spotlight: { Duke }

Daddy:  Duke is so loving and gentle with all of us.  He would never hurt any of us on purpose.  Katey is just the right height though and sometimes he knocks her down or hits her when he wags his tail.

Jacob:  Duke follows me where ever we go.  One time I went to a friends house and Duke followed.  He barked loud at my friends mom because he probably thought they were trying to take me.

Joshua:  He is a great guard dog.  And he goes with me on my chore to feed the chickens.

Autumn:  Duke is so fast.  I run with him outside a lot.  Like by the house and by the flowers that are by the house and …

Andrew:  I like when he’s outside with Autumn and me.

Mommy:  I love that Duke has a sheep dog instinct and herds all the children.  It comes in handy when they are wandering too close to the edge of our property.  I also love how he puts his paw up on my lap when I stop scratching behind his ears.  He is just sure I should not be done yet.

Katey:  (in bed again – but tonight when she was saying her prayer she blessed “Dukey” quite loudly)

One little funny fact:  Duke must have his food and water in the dining room near where we eat.  We tried the laundry room – no luck, the sun room and then the corner of the kitchen – nope on those.  He refused to eat until we moved it back to the dining room.  Silly pup.

We sure love our black lab and something mix of a sweet dog.  He is so patient and just a little bit quirky.  Perfect!

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  1. Christina MacGregor says:

    This made me smile. I’m glad that Duke is such a good dog for your kids! He is rather sweet. 🙂 BTW, Brandon and I have not seen your new boy or the new additions to your house. So we definitely need to visit sometime. Maybe this summer? 🙂 We’ll see. Love you all!!!

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