Spotlight: { Daddy }

8 February 2010

Jacob:  Daddy and I both love electronics.  Taking apart things and making something out of them.

Autumn:  I like when Daddy reads me stories.  Like when he tucks me in bed – so snuggly warm.

Andrew:  Me too!

Joshua:  Daddy is a very great cook.  He makes german pancakes and french toast and grilled cheese and pb&j and hamburgers and cheeseburgers.  And when he makes cheeseburgers he puts in TWO pieces of cheese and when he cooks he even puts in a little love.

Andrew:  Me too!  Even I love cheese grilled sandwiches.

Joshua:  and Daddy is a genius!!

Katelyn’s turn, but she was sleeping already.  She loves when Daddy does “piggies” on her toes and she’s loves that he always does both feet.

Mommy:  Daddy is a great provider.  He takes care of us financially and he also provides us with lots of love.  Lots of hugs and kisses…

Daddy:  And don’t forget tickles!

and Caleb loves all the snuggles and that Daddy is very good at burping him.

Daddy:  You know, Katey also loves when I rock the Donald Duck talk.

Mommy:  That’s true.  You make us laugh lots – all of us.

Joshua:  Daddy – sing “Jingle Bells” like Donald Duck.  Now, “Silver Bells” …

Can you feel the love?

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  1. Christina MacGregor says:

    I definitely can feel the love!!! 🙂

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