Andrew lately…

I know most of the past entries have been things Andrew has done/said lately, but he is just on a roll and I don’t want to forget these.  So funny, he is.

3 November 2009

When something (even semi-) crazy happens, Andrew slaps his forehead and says “Oh, Brother!” with a big old eye roll.  Not sure where he picked it up.  I’ll update if I find out.  Anyway, this day he asked why I was going out to the other room AGAIN.  “To do laundry bud” is what I said.  He slapped his forehead and said, “Oh Sister!”.

I know, tell me about it.

4 November 2009

Andrew said his “billy button” has a nickname.  It is “Jelly Belly”.  We were eating yummy Coldstone-inspired Jelly Belly jelly beans at the time and I’m sure his billy button is now thrilled to have a nickname.

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