What do you wake up early for?


Early this morning my hunny went off to work and I snuck out to the garden to get some fresh-air and dirt.  I heard one neighbor across the street getting all his camping gear together.  I saw another neighbor run by all-ambitious-like (not quite how I run, when I do 😉 ).  I got to thinking how we all have different reasons for getting up early – on a Saturday.  When you could sleep in and choose not to.  I don’t enjoy the act of gardening.  I really don’t.  What gets me up early then?  The promise of food in the future. Fresh and yummy veggies – yup!  I’ll get up early for that.



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  1. You wouldn’t if I was there in bed with you. Not even for fresh yummy veggies. Ha! I trump fresh veggies. Yes! 😀

  2. I know we talked about this in person, but you are so right. It’s amazing we are even harvesting anything at all. 😉 We’ll just blame it on your wiley ways and not the grasshoppers. deal??

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